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2) I'm a simple blogger who don't have a time to blogwailking because i always focusing on my engineering design.. Music Is My Life!!!!!!music is the love and.I can't live without it because I'd lose my head. I like bright neon colours and city highwaysfilled with red cars, rainy sunday afternoons and popcorn. I love eating fish but am not a fan of toothbrushes or homework. I hug Bear every night and eat cereal for breakfast,lunch and dinner. I'm also a die-hard fan of Synyster Gates and Electric Guitar. I'd listen Avenged Sevenfold every hour of the day if I could.
3) Kikin Norasikin

Hi Kikin Norasikin, here ya go! just copy the code and please like this post. Thanks.

Corner left - copy this code if you want to put it on bottom left position:

Sidebar - copy this code if you want to put it on your sidebar:

Nak Cantik Tak? Meh Singgah Sini.. :)
Panduan Buat Blog Cantik
dia dicabar untuk SENYAP...
Lawak kot tengok laki hilang kemachoan diorang dalam keadaan macam ini...!!!!
watch a movie...

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