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Malware attack issue

Dear Publisher,

Further to our earlier email, we have managed to rectify the issue of our ad server displaying a malware warning issue on your site. In summary, a portion of our domain;, which operates as a content delivery network focused on delivering static banner files to our end user, was affected in Indonesia and this led to Google classifying our domain as being infected by malware. While we have quickly resolved the issue and are now back to normal operation, Google’s aggressive malware prevention policy may result in users continuing to see warnings until Google completes its re-review process. As a result, the entire domain has been blacklisted. Websites that are embedded with the Innity tag have been affected by this problem and this has caused a warning message to be displayed when a user visits the websites when they are using either Google Chrome or Firefox.

We have excluded the affected delivery network from our advertising network until the service provider rectifies the issue from their side. We have also initiated the Google review process, and requested Google to recheck the site and declassify it as malware. The process could take up to 48 hours as the situation is complicated due to the fact that there is no detailed report as to why Google has classified us as a malware distributor.

We have also taken short-term steps to lock down our domain in Indonesia completely while we determine the true technical root cause of the initial malicious files.

We take the integrity of our infrastructure extremely seriously, and will post a detailed follow-up as the investigation completes. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you and your visitors, and you have our assurance that part of the investigation also includes reviewing our early-detection mechanism for this type of glitch specifically.

Additionally, we would appreciate your help in sharing with us the information that is being displayed on your Google Webmaster Tools under the malware section to

* Kepada pelawat widgetindex (mozila firefox and google chrome user) di harap bersabar menunggu blog ini di reactive semula oleh google..terima kasih :)

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